We believe that busi­nesses cannot com­pete effec­tively with­out a com­pre­hen­sive mobile strategy. 

Why Go Mobile Responsive?

There are 1.2 billion mobile web-users, and AT&T has seen a 4932% increase in mobile traffic data in the last three years. Mobile internet adoption has increased eight-fold over desktop internet adoption.

With all this emerging technology geared toward small screen devices, it has become apparent that there is a growing need for websites to be viewable on different shaped and sized screens.


Sites designed respon­sively will auto­mat­i­cally for­mat to a wide vari­ety of screen sizes, from a smart­phone to a desk­top, and any­thing in between. Nav­i­ga­tion, design and form lay­out grace­fully shift and resize with­out break­ing which ensures a site is usable and com­pelling, regard­less of the device upon which it is viewed.

Respon­sive designs are future-proof. Gart­ner esti­mates that by 2013, mobile phones will over­take PCs as the most com­mon web access device world­wide. Design­ing with respon­sive con­cepts and tac­tics allows you to build a site that will look good on any num­ber of devices and screen sizes…even devices that aren’t avail­able yet. By embrac­ing respon­sive design now, you make it more likely that your users will be able to view your con­tent on next month’s or next year’s must-have device.


Tool to check your website is responsive or not: http://mattkersley.com/responsive/ 

Yes, it is like looking in the mirror.  Be afraid. 

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