Pound It Home and Then Home Again to Make It a Home Run

Advertising firms have managed to grow into reliable multi-million dollar businesses because of the creativity of their copywriters and their art directors.  They are successful because their account managers manage to bring in clients and hold on to them.

But mostly they win contract after contract because buyers have such short memories.

If we remembered every ad we saw, and held on to that memory, advertisers would not need to do more than create one campaign once.  They would save a ton of money and advertising companies would never serve the same client twice.

Instead, businesses have to keep repeating the message over and over again, year after year if they are to hold on to their market share.


Social media marketing has its own version of repeat messages.  According to, at least, one study, as few as 17 percent of a Facebook page’s fans will usually see a post placed by that firm.  For the remaining five out of six people who expressed an interest in the business by pressing “like,” that marketing message will have disappeared while they were watching another channel.

Or to put it another way, every time a company puts a post on Facebook to bring people to its website, it is aiming at just one sixth of its potential audience.  That company’s potential orders are just a sixth of what they could be — and the firm’s cost per client is six times higher than it might have thought.

There are a couple of ways to solve that problem and bring the figures back up.

More Likes, More Posts

The best method is to try to increase the number of “likes” each post receives.  That pushes the post to fans’ friends, making up for the bulk of fans who missed it.  In effect, a small part — less than a sixth — of a post’s audience will be highly targeted, while the remainder will be made up of friends of those targets.

The other method is to do what advertisers have always done: keep repeating the message so that those who missed one post will see the next.  Take a look at the timeline of Nespresso, for example, and while you will not see exactly the same post twice, you will see the same kinds of posts made again and again.

So you will find questions designed to prompt answers that will appear in fans’ timelines — questions like: “Which Crealto recipe would you try? Dark Coco Zest, Orange Refresher, Oriental Perfume Espresso or Pistachio Delight?” and “Which of the 16 Grands Crus do you think are Espresso blends?”

You will find invitations to take part in the brand’s regular competitions.


And mostly, you will find picture after picture, the best way to make the brand stand out and stick in the audience’s memory.

It is possible to be very creative on social media.  It is possible to come up with viral campaigns, and fancy Facebook apps.  It is possible to engage in conversations and use social media as a communication tool rather than a broadcast channel.  But it is also possible to follow advertising’s most traditional formula: state your message — and keep stating it until the market cannot forget it.

THAT will be a home run for your business.

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